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Benefits of Direct Selling to Consumers
There are many benefits of direct selling to consumers. Time to market is significantly decreased. Instead of the long traditional
retail sales cycle that requires locked-in product development well in advance of order and delivery, you can prototype, test,
and move to market quickly. Agility is a key differentiator in competitive industries.

In addition, you have complete brand control. Brand image isnít subject to distortion or dilution by third parties. Consumers
like it when they can interact directly with a brand. Itís always wise to give the consumer what they like.

In addition to brand control you have price control as well. Direct selling allows you to further reinforce MSRP
(manufacturerís suggested retail price) and communicate directly with consumers about price points.

Selling direct allows you to collect a goldmine of data. Better customer data leads to better promotions, better products, better relationships and more sales.

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